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Kendall Bennett is a 25-year veteran, Board Certified hair stylist. In addition to developing the Flash Bag, Bennett also has co-founded a beauty app called Beat, where clients can request beauty services from hairstylists, makeup artists, and barbers, right from their smart phone. Beat was funded by the Black Enterprise Magazine pitch contest in August 2015 and continues to help people in the beauty industry and their clients find each other faster! Although Kendall wears many hats, he always finds time for his first love, hair styling.

Kendall Bennett
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The Beauty Valet

Beat The Beauty Valet is a premier mobile beauty platform that delivers salon quality services directly to you. Whether at your home or a special event at the location of your choice, you can have access to the Kendall Care experience.


The Flash Bag

Kendall Bennett invented the Flash Bag out of necessity for his own work. In his 20+ years as a stylist, he noticed that too much of his time was being wasted on waiting for hair extensions to dry, extensions he needed to service multiple clients on a daily basis. He came up with an idea to dry the extensions more efficiently, using a bonnet hair dryer, this method allowed him to dry multiple tracks of extensions at a time. In doing this, Kendall found out that not only did the hair dry quickly, but there was a lot less frizz! It was a lightbulb moment! He quickly reached out to designers in Atlanta to help create what is now the Flash Bag. He now wants his clients and others alike, who wear wigs and extensions to experience the wonders and convenience that is the Flash Bag.

Beat the Beauty Valet

Cut drying & installation time in half

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Healthy hair starts with Kendall Care. The goal of Kendall Care is to give you, the client, a relaxing and enjoyable experience, whether in the salon or in your home. Kendall serves clients in both the metro Atlanta and Dallas/Ft Worth areas, providing hair, makeup, and image consulting services. Once you’ve experienced Kendall Care, you’ll be yearning for your next visit.

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